Online Photography course – A year with my Camera.

I have always had a love of photography and capturing those little moments in time to look back on in years to come, celebrations, special days, milestones and everyday moments in time all captured in that single or in my case multi clicks of a camera. For a long time I’ve looked for a photography course to suit my knowledge (very little I’m afraid) to learn how to use my Olympus pen (a present from my husband a couple of Christmass ago)

I came across Emma Davies A Year with my camera whilst googling and chatting to a friend on Instagram. This online course sounded like the perfect place to start for a complete newbie like me.

I have zero knowledge of the technicalities of photography and not got off auto setting since getting my camera. Shutter speed, ISO and Aperture are all something I need and want to learn about.

A year with my Camera is basically what it says on the tin a week by week online course of emails, homework and projects set by Emma. A chance to learn how to use my camera properly. I’ve also joined the A Year with my Camera App a community of liked minded photographers all learning and sharing our knowledge and homework. Sharing hints and tips as we take in the course together.

I love to take pictures and although I’m most definitely an amateur its something I feel passionate about. Everywhere I go I see photo opportunities and moments I wish to capture. I love to share my photos on here and on my Instagram.

Those little squares give us all the opportunity to be photographers in our own unique way. Cultivating our own feed as we share our own photos in our own unique way.

Week 1 of A year with my camera was all about learning about 18 % grey and finally reading the manual of my Camera. I know it may not seem very exciting but its all part of the course and I really want to soak up all of Emmas knowledge and take what this course has to offer.

As part of the App and course I’m also joining in with various challenges and hashtags as the weeks go on. #1day12pics I managed to capture 6 of the 12 pictures over my day in Emmas monthly hashtag challenge.

Week two was about starting to learn Aperture value and the way in which Aperture affects the field of view of the picture you wish to take and also creating blurr.

I’m excited to learn more as the weeks pass by and will continue to share my journey along the way.

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