Life lately…..

Life lately is looking very different for us all, our world is very different right now as we all face new challenges and fears. Not seeing family, maybe you are a keyworker, homeschooling, financial worries the list is endless.

Life is feeling very strange for us all and I must admit I was getting a bit bombarded with information, every newspaper, TV channel, social media as an opinion on the covid-19 situation. It has become very overwhelming very quickly as we all try to find our new normal.

I took to decision to focus on the here and now stepping back from all the noise that social media and the news throws at us and only listening to the official government updates and to be honest even they are a bit much sometimes.

Practice some self care

Self care for me is all about the simple things, its not indulgent or a treat its a daily practice and very much a necessity. Its all about taking some time for myself in whatever form. I really believe that for me self care is as important for the mind as it is my body.

Start each day as you mean to go on

I like to spend some time alone with my thoughts or enjoy some quiet time at some part of my day. This really helps clear my mind, reduce stress and brings me back to here and now when life gets a little crazy, and I think we call relate to that just now.

Our new normal of staying home and homeschooling means that it’s all a bit caotic at the moment, Trying to get used to a full house of two tweens and my husband working from home is a bit of a whirlwind. First thing in the morning I like to enjoy a quiet cup of tea on my own before the chaos of the day starts, sitting for just five minutes in the quiet and still of the day, ideally back in bed before everyone else gets up really seems to set me up for whatever the day throws at us.

A Daily walk…

Our daily walks are something I’m really savouring just now, each afternoon once the kids have finished their school work we are taking the dog for a walk. Getting some fresh air and enjoying chance to get some exercise after a day of work is really helping clear the mind and giving us all that boost to get us through the rest of the day.

Community spirit

It’s amazing to see that there is still some good and decent people out there. Communities coming together at a time when we need it more than ever. Good old English community spirit. Volunteers coming back from retirement to help, schools helping key workers to continuing working, simple things like moving over to allow people to pass on our daily walks. A famous quote I always remember from the late Jo Cox on her maidan speech to parliament

‘we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than that which divides us’

I think that is no more true than right now.

Savour the small things….

I don’t know about you but since being in lockdown it’s bringing home how much take for granted on a daily basis, encouraging us all to notice little things a lot more. Seasonal changes, the birds in the garden, a quiet moment to read my book in the warmth of our conservatory, family meal times. It’s really making me appreciate all we have and be thankful for the more simple things and feel this a lesson to us all once this is all over.

Yes we can feel like this is our forever at the moment stuck in a crazy place of groundhog day when everyday is the same… I was reminded by this in my newsletter I received from Suzie At my little muse she talked about groundhog day herself, and how we can choose to use this time of unchanging days to think about how we want our life to look after all this is over.

Yes this will all end and normal life will return. We will go back to a life where we seem to always be busy, chaotic but I really hope we can remember this time and the things that brought us joy and hopefully continue to practice them way into the future.

Is there anything from your time spent at home that you hope to continue much after this is all over…


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