Cultivate your Journey not you ego.

Just of late I have started listening to Jen Carringtons Podcast, Nobody is going to do your life or your business for you and other stories. Oh my I am absolutely blown away by these episodes and loving the clarity and sound advise Jen gives. In one of her episodes she talks about feeding your ego or your journey, whether that is in your general life or in growing an online business.

It made me sit back and think about my life and my own creative journey and where I fit in to this online bubble.

Its very easy to get bogged down in social media numbers, likes and followers and see this as a measure to our success. I love instagram and the fact that I’ve made online friendships who I may have never met if it wasn’t for this online social media app and some I now see outside of theses little squares as “real” friends. I love the creativity that instagram brings and how it allows me practice and share my love of photography. Its a community of like minded creatives all on the same page trying to grow their own journey and business. But on the other hand I wonder why I have so much loyalty to a social media app that seems to only favour accounts with 10 k followers ( one day I will get that swipe up feature on stories ) Its hides people who I follow from me and changes the rules without any notice. But still is my number one go too place after my blog…..bonkers I know …

This online world can be both exciting and exhausting all in a matter of minutes and it is so easy to get drawn in and forget that these numbers, likes and followers mean very little in the grand scheme of things. Comparing your own online creativity to more successful blogs or businesses.

Do you look to others for external validation? Do you cultivate and grow your journey or is it feeding your ego that you long for ? I would love to know what motivates you and how you reach your own goals to grow your best life.

Listening to Jens series has really made me sit back and think my own whys and whatfors and how I wish to grow myself as a multi-passionate creative. I need to stop looking for external validation and focus more on my own internal goals. I need to stop comparing my success to others. I need to stop looking to others for the validation and stop worrying what others may think. Only I know what my true goals are and only I can work and get to were I want to be. Yes I long for someone to tell me all the answers, give me the advise to spring me to the next step but it’s not the responsibility of anyone else do it for me. I am the only one who can learn and grow into something I’m proud of.


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