A Brand new creative lifestyle hashtag #cultivatewithme

A new creative Instagram hashtag challenge #cultivatewithme

You may have seen that I started a brand new hashtag over on instagram a little while ago but have yet to fully introduce it over here and explain what its all about.

As you may have realised I have a love for photography and my blog and Instagram are my creative outlet where I get to build my portfolio of work but also where I get to share this journey with you guys. Its also where I get to encourage and support others to grow their creative life too.

Photography for me is my happy place and photographing every day moments to share on here and Instagram without putting too much pressure on myself is my aim for 2020. Quitting the self doubt and shooting anyway.

As we all try to navigate our new normal, working from home, homeschooling, social distancing and self isolation I thought it was more important than ever to all come together and share the little things.

Capturing seasonal changes on your daily walks, Cosy cups, everyday moments, homeschooling, or maybe you are trying to grow a creative business the list is endless… Whether its a love of Journaling, reading, writing or photography, we all have our own creative outlet and I’d love to create a community of like minded creatives all on the same journey to grow our creativity however we choose.

How can you join ? I’m inviting you to share. The hashtag is inclusive of anyone who wishes to join in. All I ask is that you tag me @caroline_carter4 or/ and #cultivatewithme in your photo. This way I can easily see your photo and I then I know you are happy for me to share them on instagram and my blog.

Each week I will do a round up of my favourite photos on my Instagram stories and at the end of the month I will share some of the favourites over on my blog too. Lets build a community of like minded creatives.



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