Ways to simplify your life in 2020

Want to slow down and simplfy your life this year ? Life can be pretty busy a lot of the time its know wonder we are all looking to simplfy our lives. This year I’ve promised myself I will pause a little more and not rush through life at hundred miles an hour always looking to the next big thing. I began this when I talked about Pausing and how I was taking note of the small things in life. So I thought I’d share how I’m continuing with simplifying my life a little more by slowing down aspects of my life. I’m continuing to take a step back from the chaos which will hopefully be a reminder of whats important.

  • Cut down on social media and endless scrolling. Its so easy to get drawn into social media and endless scrolling and checking of our phones. Putting your phone out of reach when trying to complete a task can really help simplify things. Or maybe turn off notifications on your social media apps in order to quit the temptation. This will leave you free to live in the here and now instead of from behind your phone.
  • Take back some me time and practice a little more self care. A cup of tea on a morning before the rest of the house awakes, reading for half hour or escaping for a well deserved hot soak are all ways in which you can practice a little self care.
  • Write a Journal as a way of getting all your thoughts and feelings down on paper. This is something I have benefited from since starting my journal. Sometimes we have so much whizzing around in our brains its important not to let these thoughts consume us. By writing our thoughts plans and feelings down its a great way to off load the pressures of life. Putting our thoughts and feelings down onto paper can give you the clarity you need when trying to figure things out.
  • De-clutter both your life, mind and spirit by creating more space in every aspect of your life. I think we need to remember that in order to change any part of our life we must take an holistic approach. Looking at every aspect from our mental well-being, our physical and spiritual aspect too.
  • Get outdoors – savour the season and enjoy taking a walk in the fresh air.
  • Be more frugal. I have to admit I love a good spending spree like the next girl but just being a little more consious in our spending habits, thinking do I really need this before jumping to buy something can help with us not accumulating so much “stuff”
  • Meal plan and eat seasonally. Who remembers when red juicy strawberries were something we only got in summer. These days everything is available all year round with inports from all over the world food is definitely more readily available. Why not get back to basics and plan out meals for the week by including more seasonal produce. This will help support local businesses but also cook and eat more seasonally. Even better why not try growing your own. We grew quite a bit last Summer and is a great way to get the kids involved, and it really does taste better home grown.

So I’m going to continue to pause and take note of the small things, not counting the seconds but making every second count but not feeling like have to do it all either. Living life, really living it and creating a life I want to live.


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