Pausing between Christmas and New Year

Lets all just pause for a moment….I know I need too.

We’ve now entered the unknown that time between Christmas and New year when knowone knows what day it is, the lull almost. Its a funny time of year when we almost don’t know what to do.

Since Christmas Eve everything has seemed like a world wind, visiting, eating, drinking, entertaining, birthday celebrations if I’m honest its been busy.

Have you taken your tree down yet ???

How many times have you heard that question since boxing day ? I asked the same question myself yesterday over on instagram, purely for the the fact that my house is so untidy, so dusty, so cluttered and if I’m honest is driving me just a little mad.

I then sat down and thought about it, was I ready to say goodbye to Christmas for another year ? I decided no, no I wasn’t taking the tree down and no I wasn’t ready to clear every existence of Christmas when we were still in December after all.

Yes its still December for a few more days and yes we still holding onto Christmas here for a little while longer. When I sat down and thought about it made me think about why we spend so much time preparing for Christmas only to want to diminish its existence the moment Christmas day is over. I don’t know why we do this ??

So has I said Christmas is continuing a little longer in our house as we pause and enjoy these next few days and before we say hello to 2019.

The crazy days of visiting and entertaining are over and we are enjoying the simpler days to come. Sitting in bed with a big mug of tea, a long walk in the fresh air with dog, finish my book and eat fajitas for tea and I cannot wait !

This as also made me realise that I need to stop constantly looking to the next thing, the next big event, and just enjoy the hear and now a little more, the simple mondane days that mostly get brushed aside. These everyday moments are what help us reach the bigger victories.

So enjoy the big things and savour the little.


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