A Simple Guide to Seasonal Living

This year I am really trying to live a little more seasonally, pausing and living much more in the moment, embracing the seasonal changes as they come instead of frantically moving from one season to the next. As we start to say goodbye to the shortest month of the year the signs that Winter is nearly behind us are showing, as I look out of my window I see blue skies and the smallest glimmer of Spring. The days are getting a little lighter and very slightly warmer, well this week anyhow, next week we maybe back to winter woollies.

That is what seasonal living is, embracing the season at that given moment in time. Change is always on the horizon as with each season brings cause and affect of both our mood, health and general wellbeing. We see this more so in animals and the food souces available yet in this modern world us as humans seem to dismiss these seasonal changes.

Start at the beginning

Look out of your window, or even better get outdoors, take notice of what is around you and really take in your surroundings.

Eat the seasons

Buy locally from farm shops and local businesses

March -purple flowering broccoli-blood oranges- leeks- kale-spring greens

Meaning fresher, tastier and more nutritious food.

Get outdoors -Whatever the weather

Looking to Spring take long evening walks as the nights get a little lighter.

Change over your wardrobe

This is something I’ve been doing for a few years now. Fold away the jumpers, hats and scarfs and any clothes you won’t need for the upcoming season. Rearrange your wardrobe with clothes much more suited to that season. I find it much easier when trying on clothes and looking what to wear. It also cuts down on the amount we buy as unwrapping next season’s items always feels like you are instantly updating your wardrobe.

Why bother ?

By living seasonally you connect with natures natural rhythm instead of man made chaos, helping you slow down the craziness of modern living. It helps you be more mindful of your surroundings and daily life.

Take the positives from each season, do activities to suit that season and in turn this will lead to a much slower and sustainable life.


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