Why I love Photography.

My love of photography as always been with me, as a little girl I remember looking through boxes of old albums with my Grandma. Black and white shots of family holidays, Weddings and portraits. Street views, beach days and families walking along the promenade. When I had my own children I longed to capture those moments myself, adventures, holidays, milestones and everyday moments I wish re-live in years to come. This is one of the biggest reasons I love photography so much. Capturing everyday moments and recognizing those moments you wish to capture. With the click of a botton capturing the emotion and story in those little squares. lifestyle, everyday rituals, slow mornings with a cup of tea, afternoons snuggled on the sofa reading a book. Little snippets of time captured in those everyday moments.The bigger moments, special days, holidays, birthdays weddings, childhood milestones are also the times we wish to capture and relive in the future.The changing seasons, Summer days, cosy cups and, snow covered landscapes, pumpkin fields and twinkly lights. Its all about capturing those everyday moments, emotions allowing us return to times and places, people once met.As life skips us by time moves on and in the blink of an eye everything changes. People come and go, we travel to new places, experience new things, different hobbies and interests.But these little captures take us back and allows us to return to that moment. As we look back at those pictures all the emotions and feelings we once felt come flooding back and that is why I love photography.love to hear your story around why you love photography?What was the thing that sticks in your head as to the time you fell in love with photography.Please comment down below and share why you love photography and the moments you wish to capture and revisit yourself.

Bride and groom on their wedding day


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