10 Ways to Cultivate your Creativity.

10 Ways to Cultivate your Creativity.

As you may have realised I have a love for creativity, writing, photography, books, seasonal living and generally taking things slow, living in the moment and flourishing and growing my best life.

My blog is my creative outlet where I get to share this journey with you, but also I want encourage and support others to do the same. Whether its a love of Journaling, reading, writing your own blog or photography, we all have our own creative outlet.

The one thing I love about creativity is that you don’t have to be a professional in your area of interest. You don’t have to be the best. You just have to persue what you enjoy and allow yourself to create and grow your knowledge and experience. Creativity for me is my therapy and where I feel the happiest, writing, journaling ideas, photographing every day moments to share on Instagram. These are all the area I love and continue to share with you .

Creativity allows me to grow as a person and enjoy these little moments.

So heres my 10 ways to help you Cultivate your Creativity

  1. Firstly it shouldn’t be an effort if it’s something you love
  2. Think about your why
  3. Create everyday
  4. Create a ritual not a routine
  5. Use it as a way to relax
  6. Create in the morning before the distractions of everyday kicks in
  7. Quit the self doubt and create anyway
  8. Journal your ideas and plans
  9. Take time out to prevent creative block.
  10. Quit perfection


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