Finding my Tribe

Finding my Tribe

I am excited to have this opportunity to live this oily lifestyle whilst also sharing these oils, sharing healthy lifestyle tools, teaching the wider community and growing my own tribe of passionate and like minded ladies.

Essential oils education is the gate way to natural healing, reducing pain, inflammation, stress, and mood management, supporting immune systems whilst also promoting sleep.

As a wellness advoacte my job is to teach about the power of plant medicine to people all around the world. This is also an invitation for you to flourish and grow your emotional, physical and spirtual wellness as these effortlessly become part of your everyday routine. Its about sharing and empowering each other by creating a ripple effect. Creating connections, gatherings and communities of like minded ladies.

From the moment I received my doterra oils I knew I was part of something more than just a business. I have connected with such like minded, open hearted and aligned ladies who have also chosen to use and share these beautiful oils by supporting each other by cultivating our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This wonderful community welcomed me in with open arms, conversation and personnal development are all part of this wonderful company.

The stories of profound experiences people are having with these ooils whilst also building their own tribe along the way. Creating a business by sharing these wonderful oils and lifestyle.

I want to take this oppportunity to invite you to step into this lifestyle, come and experience the oils for your self. This year I want to grow my team and I am calling in new tribe members to join. I am being super specific here about the type of people I want to work with.

Do you want to join my tribe?

This roll is first and foremost about you being aligned to stepping into this wellness lifestyle. Using these essential oils in your everyday to take care of your whole health, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Are you passionate about helping people and creating something meaningful?

Are ready to take control of your own wellness and dive right into living, sharing and building this wellness lifestyle ?

Do you feel called to link arms with my tribe of wonderful ladies and learn and grow together ?

Do you want to build a consious business where everyone helps each other to raise together ?

Are you not afraid to put in the personal development work to delve deeper in to your own why ?

I stand behind a fantastic product and ethically trusted business as I call you in. doTERRA produce the highest quality and tested oils in the world CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. The retention rate of doterra customers is 75 % and there have over 5 million customers worldwide. You can build a business and become a wellness advocate for a company of which you don’t need to worry about investing massively to get started.

The opportunity to build a residual income and live in complete financial freedom is right here waiting for you.

Whats in it for you ?

  • Access to an entire extensive business and product training, and done-for-you resources such as manuals, workshops, checklists, templates and more.
  • Weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions.
  • Fortnightly team calls for life and business coaching, strategy and support.
  • Your own person webpage for your customers to access.
  • Access to a private mastermind group where you can connect with the wider team.
  • Opportunities to travel to workshops, conventions, and leadership events in the UK and worldwide.

My why ?

I finally found a job that lights me up inside.

I’ve always felt I was ment for something bigger and now I’ve found it.

I’m building a business that is helping to create financial freedom for me and my family.

I’m part of something much bigger than just me and you. This company has created a supply chain that impacts entire communities all over the world that are in need of this help.

I’m part of a sisterhood and tribe of wonderful ladies who have always got my back.

doTERRA provide jobs, build schools, put in water supplies and ask communities what they need and actually provide them with what they ask for.

How amazing is that

If you feel fired up to find out more about this wonderful business opportunity please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.

Alternatively if you simply want to learn how you can incorporate these wonderful oils and products into your lifestyle and live this oily lifestyle without the business side please state in the feedback form.


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