Slow Sundays

Yay for the weekend. After a very busy week at work I’m so ready for the weekend, but for me Sundays are by far my favourite day.

Sundays for us are all about taking things slow. Its the one day of the week we don’t have anywhere to be or anywhere to go and that for me is bliss. Each day through the week the dreaded alarm goes off around 6.30 and we all get ready to start the day of work and school, throw into the mix food shopping, cleaning the house, trying to get some excercise, seeing friends, trying to spend time together as a couple, taxiing the kids to various clubs…. by Sunday both our minds and our bodies are ready for a well deserved rest and a recharge for the week ahead.

Sundays for us can be full of nothingness if we choose and that’s just the way I like it.

Now the kids are older they will quite happily laze in their beds or go downstairs themselves so this definitely makes such a difference to how our Sunday mornings start. I know if you have small children this isn’t always easy.

I start mine with a big cup of tea in bed. Yes I might convince the hubby to go down and make it for me one, but if not I go down boil the kettle make my cuppa in the biggest mug ( my husband doesn’t drink tea or coffee) and bring it back to bed to enjoy under the cosiness of the duvet.

Lazy breakfasts for us all in our pjs is one of my favourite things about Sundays.The kids usually opt for pancakes.


The rest of the day is spend as a family, taking a walk outdoors and getting some much needed fresh air or maybe cooking or enjoying a big Sunday roast at my parents and glass of vino.

Catching up on our week and then later preparing for the week ahead.

Finishing off, back in our pjs and relaxing on the sofa for the evening. I remember has a little girl Sunday night was always bath night where my mum would wash my hair and get me into my pjs before tea. I remember sitting on the sofa in my pjs eating a cold meat sandwich (leftovers from the roast) and a big pickled onion. Finished off with tinned fruit and cornation milk ( evaporated milk in a tin) before watching Sunday night tv. Then early to bed for the start of a brand new week. Its funny how such simple childhood memories stick with you isn’t it. I’m sure these memories have helped shape my Sunday traditions with my own family.

Yes Sundays are our favourite day of the week!

Is Sunday for you a day of rest or dread ??

I’d love to hear how you spend your Sundays ?


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