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Hello and if you don’t already know me my names Caroline the writer behind the intermittently updated  blog Cultivate with me.

You may know me through my original family lifestyle blog Carter family 4 which I began writing nearly three years ago. I began blogging as a way of documenting our days, family holidays and general family life. I decided at the beginning of the year though that I didn’t want to continue sharing my kids online. Now they are getting older and my Son is at secondary school I was becoming more and more consious of how much I was sharing their lifes online. Thats not to say I am bad mouthing anyone else who continues to share their family online we just decided it wasn’t for us.

So I started this brand new blog to continue my love of writing and the connections I’d made within the online community but was struggling with the direction I wanted to take it. A few months have rolled by and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to blog anymore. I had become lost in this extremely large online world. I was continuously putting pressure on myself and the struggle was real folks. I was comparing my blog to much more successful blogs and feeling like I was a very small fish in a very big pond. I decided I needed to take a break and for the last few weeks have been exploring many options, including stopping blogging altogether, sharing just on instagram but longed to write more. After lots of thought I’ve come to realise that my love of creating needs to continue and stopping altogether makes me feel sad, but also finding the balance is still a tricky one. I’ve now come to realise that quitting altogether would be a real shame.

Since starting my orginal blog nearly three years ago blogging has definitely changed, people seem to no longer read blogs anymore and its much more about being an “influencer” this word makes me cringes just writing it. But each to their own and if this works for you good on you I say. Blogging for me is like an online journal, where I can continue my love of writing and photography sharing my thoughts and feelings with you of things I genuinely love is what motivates me to continue to write.

I have a keen interest in slowing down this crazy world we live in and hope to inspire others to do the same. No I don’t live in the countryside with a veg patch and chickens in the garden nor do I bake fresh bread daily (although this sounds heavening) I do in fact live quite a busy life but by continousually taking steps to enjoying the simple things in life, prioritizing the important things like self care and wellbeing I’m continuing to take time to live well and grow my best life.

This online world is a crazy one and with so many amazing bloggers getting so many amazing opportunities its difficult to not to compare. I’ve come to realise I may not have a site that receives thousands of visitors on a daily basis nor do I need to join the “hustle” which I feel is so strong at the moment for everyone in the online world.

Taking the time out has given me chance to reflect, sit back and realise why I blog in the first place. I wanted to use this online space to capture moments, document my days and share with you guys.

So I’m going back to basics, I am going to continue to write and take pictures of the the things I love and share with you what I want when I want. Yes hopefully someone will read and my writing hopefully might inspire someone out there.

Until next time

Caroline X



  1. November 29, 2018 / 1:22 pm

    I’m so happy that you are continuing to blog! You are so right, the online world is so busy and overwhelming, much like the outside world really. But I think you are right to continue, just take your time, find your spot and don’t worry about what others are doing. I think you have a really important message to share about wellness – and if you can balance blogging with your life, I think we can all benefit from what you have to say! xx

    • Caroline - Cultivate with me
      December 29, 2018 / 6:34 pm

      Thankyou so much Rosie, that means a lot. Xx thankyou for your continued support

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