Winter Hygge

Winter is the most hygge time of year.

Hygge if you don’t already know is the Danish word for all things cosy, warm and comforting.

Pronounced “hue-gah” for many  hygge is a way of life and something I love the sound of and try to embrace in my own life.  The word doesn’t directly translate but the best translation of hygge is cosiness, but actually it is not just a feeling its a mood we create, a balance between both mental wellbeing and how our body feels.

You maybe think oh this is just another fad idea but the Danish are one of the happiest nations in the world so they are obviously getting something right.

So if getting your hygge on is something you think you’d like to try this winter, I’ve written a list of ideas of things you may like to try yourself to get you in the mood for a little bit of winter hygge.

So burn all the candles, grab all the blankets and snuggle up. Finish that book you’ve been meaning to finish or stay in bed and enjoy a cuppa whilst listening to a podcast. Winter hygge is all about doing all the things you won’t want to do once the weather improves and you want to be outside more.


Hygge wouldn’t be hygge without candle light. Candles bring a cosy feel to any room. I’m especially loving my Christmas scented candles at the moment and they it brings a lovely smell of cinnamon through the house, which makes me feel all Christmassy.

A big Hug.

Snuggle up on the sofa with a snuggly blanket, a loved one or maybe your pet and enjoy a really big hug.

Alternatively why not pop your pjs on the radiator or by the fire, I remember my mum doing this for me when I was a little girl. It’s like a whole body hug of warmth.

A cosy nook

Find a quiet corner of the house, grab some blankets or snuggly jumper a good book and enjoy a bit of you time.


Cosy up in a little nook and enjoy a good book or magazine. I’m joining in with Rosalyn book club this month. The first book chosen by Rosalyn is The Courage Habit by Kate Swoboda and I can’t wait to get going with this book. 

Get together with friends and family

Invite friends and family over for good food and time together. Welcome them with a basket of slippers in various sizes by the door. A great way to instantly make your friends and family feel at home. Enjoy lots of comfort food and maybe play a board game.

Take a winter walk

Get your coat on, wrap up warm and get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Taking a breather from the never-ending to-do list in December can be a real breath of fresh air.

Our lives are not always perfect, the weather at this time of year can constantly feel cold dark and damp, but I think there are always ways to make life a little more positive and meaningful. Hygge doesn’t cost a thing and is all about making the most of the everyday ordinary moments, whether that’s alone or with family and friends, indoors are outdoors. Hygge is unique to everyone so make of it what you wish.


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