September – Hello to new beginnings

September always feels like a fresh start for me, the beginning of something new, opening of a new door, the start of a brand new year all over again. I suppose its from the many years of school life. Anyone else getting that back to school vibe…It always stiggers a new energy for me and a change in pace after the slow days of Summer. Just like that Summer is nearly over and normal routine will commence….

I love a fresh start, a chance to start over, like a Monday morning, a new beginning for you to do with it what you wish.

As we step into the new year (school year) and the kids go back to school I want focus more on my photography. Capturing the change in Season as we say goodbye to Summer and welcome Autumn into our lives. I’m just a little bit excited for pumpkin spiced lattes, cosy knits and candle light. But before then I’m trying to savour those last few days of late Summer as day by day we start to feel the cooler darker days creep up on us.

September is the perfect time to start new projects or rejoin clubs and groups that my have gone on hold over the Summer. For me I will be rejoining A year with my camera as I continue to learn more about photography.

Read a chapter a day. I want to try to finish my book I have been reading for way too long and get a reading list together for Autumn. What are you reading at the moment?? Any recommendations?

This month also sees us begin a new chapter in our lives too as our Son turns 13. I’m sure how that even happened, but it appears we are going to have a teenager in the house.

Get outdoors and walk daily. A daily walk is not only good for physical health but also our mental health too, getting some fresh air each day will make us feel better all round.

Back to basics with food. Summer as been a little indulgent to say the least time to get back to good old simple food and meal planning. September is the perfect time to make all the stews currys and casseroles as the days get a little cooler.

No spend September. After a busy Summer of days out, holidays and two tweens who think we have a money tree at the bottom of the garden its time to tighten our belts a little. So this month we are trying to spend only the necessities for the month of September.

Tidy – declutter – donate. Time to blitz the house this September after a Summer of neglect.

What do you love about September ?

I’d love to hear what projects, courses, plans you have for September.

Please comment down below.


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