My 2020 Vision Board

Creating a vision board.


My first blog post of 2020

After watching Jessica Rose Williams new You Tube video on creating a vision board I decided to create my very own. It’s something I’ve seen others do but never got round to creating my own.

This weekend called for a quiet few days as we look after our 8 year old boxer dog, she had to have an operation on her leg and on the recommendation of the vet called for lots of TLC and cuddles. Jessicas video inspired me to dig out the magazines and make my own vision board, cutting out pictures and words that resonated with me. She explains that a vision board once made is a visual anchor to help you tune into your hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

This year I feel big changes are needed. You see I’ve been in the same career since leaving school so the thought of big changes fills me with all the fear but if I’m honest is a very much needed and wanted change.

So I began, digging out my favourite magazines and flicking through. Cutting out pictures and words that resonated with me, if you do decide to make your own its important not to over think the pictures and words that you cut out but simply go with your gut instinct and what feels right. It was incredibly therapeutic to put down on paper my hopes and dreams for 2020.

Have you ever made a vision board I’d love to hear what you thought of the process.

Please share down below how you created your vision board.

Until next time



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