About me

Hi I’m Caroline the photographer and writer behind the scenes

I live in South Yorkshire with my husband, two teens and our boxer dog Bella.

You will mostly find with a cup of Yorkshire tea in one hand, my camera or notebook in the other.

Here I will share my own journey to grow my love of Photography and Creativity. Its also where I hope to inspire others to grow their best life too. Quit procrastination and create a life you want and deserve.

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I am currently studying The British Academy of Photography to gain formal qualifications in my photography journey. If you would like to check out my portfolio Click here

Come and say hello or even better check out my work with me page and let’s chat some more!

I also write a monthly newsletter Cultivate with me where I share a more personal letter from me to you, an insite into my journey, personal growth with some inspiration that will hopefully inspire you too.